City of Johannesburg


The owner of properties within the boundaries of the City of Johannesburg or any other person have the right to inspect the general valuation roll and object to the entry in the roll where the owner or any other person disagrees with the entry in the roll or against an omission from the roll.

The Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act No.6 of 2004 (as amended) stipulates that:

-- Section48

A valuation roll must list all properties in the municipality determined in terms of section 30 (3).

The valuation roll must reflect the following particulars in respect of each property as at the date of valuation to the extent that such information is reasonably determinable, the following entries may be objected against:

a) The registered or other description of the property.
b) The category determined in terms of section 8 in which the property falls.
c) The physical address of the property.
d) The extent of the property.
e) The market value of the property, if the property was valued.
f) The name of the owner, and
g) Any other prescribed particulars.

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